Girls - If you cut off contact with a guyfriend, about much time would pass before you talk to him again?

You've been friends for about two years, talk a lot more than you do compared to almost all your other friends, but you cut off contact because of his feelings for you

You've known he's had feelings before but you still remained friends but this time, you just say you can't be friends anymore

About how long would it take for you to talk to him again/be friends again? Say he texted you just to say hi and its been a while, about how long after you quit talking would it take to not ignore that?

Just wondering cause I'm in this position. She was pretty much my best friend and I've had feelings for her like ever since we met. Texted all day long, talked alot, hung out alot, and then out of nowhere she just cuts off contact completely and blocks me on Facebook and said that we couldn't be friends anymore

That happened in August and we still aren't talking. I've texted her twice since (once like a month after and another about a month ago cause I needed a phone number and she ws the only person I knew that would have it) and didn't get anything back either time...


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  • That was very selfish of her, in my opinion. If a friend has feelings for me, I would talk to him about it but would never cut contact. I would not go out of my way to lose a great friendship. That was very selfish, immature and totally unjustified.

    Anyway, to answer your question. According to her mindset, I don't think she will ever respond to you unless she wants something from you. That is a mindset of a selfish and immature person. I advise you to get over her because obviously she doesn't care about your feelings and have never appreciated having you in her life.

    You deserve a better best friend.

    • Well she did it causemy feelings have actually caused a lot of drama between us before already

      We did quit talking once before (She started dating somebody, I didn't kow about it, I asked her out, she got mad) but we did start talking again (Lasted from like September to February iirc)

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    • wouldn't*

    • Maybe she is still mad at you. You have nothing to do but wait.

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