Guys: Have you used or tried "Pandoras Box"?

Have you used or tried the "Pandoras Box" dating and seduction guide to meet women?

If so, did it seem to work?

Looking for feedback pertaining to the quality or viability if this guide.


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    The problem with any of these "systems" is the need to actually practice them in real life - not easy, since the guy who'd be interested in learning them wouldn't likely be motivated in actually going out and meeting girls in the first place :) So, for 90% of the guys who buy the seminars or go to the bootcamps, nothing changes in their life. In a way, that's good, because most PU advice is very mechanical and lacks spontaneity, which is one of THE essential elements in PU. Canned lines do not work very well - they're OK for starting out, but girls easily pick up on the artificial quality of it.

    Some of the BEST PU material isn't even directly PU related. The first thing I'd suggest you read is a excerpt from Michael Ellsberg's book "Power of Eye Contact", which has a fascinating breakdown of Bill Clinton's charisma. The ellsberg book is great as well.


    Another very applicable read comes from a body language expert named Mark Bowden (look him up on Youtube) and his book "The Trust Plane". Great stuff that very few people know about.

    Also, far better than any seminar would be to sign up for an Improv class. You don't even have to be good. If you're a beginner you're expected to be really rough and ...bad. The thing you learn however is to think on your feet. This is incredibly useful for natural approaches, which is the best way to attract a chick - at least one you never met.

    And read up on The Three Second Rule - this is remarkably effective to make the interaction as natural as possible.

    As far as video seminars from PUA, the ones I found to be good were David Wygant, who has a natural approach to PU (not very canned), and Paul Janka, who is an expert on Day Game and getting numbers. Both of them have vids on Youtube for previewing.

    And despite all of these systems, secrets, techniques - in the end, it's a numbers game. Expect a 10% success rate in getting a girls phone number from a chick you walk up to on the street during the day. The other big secret is giving yourself permission to fail a lot in the beginning. As adults, we all want to be able to do things perfectly the first time. Finally, you have to throw caution to the wind and actually talk to women - as long as you're cool, the vast majority will be happy to talk back to you. Girls LIKE being approached, as long as you are cool and confident. Smile. And remember, the world is filled with abundance. There's always another hottie right around the corner.

    • I 100% agree with everything here. Well said. Stay away from lines/routines. Do work on your "inner game". Classic

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    • Oh, and start saying Hi to every person you pass on the street. It'll make things a bit easier in the nerves dept when you start approaching women

    • Ok, I'll have to try to start doing that.

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  • In reply : Being your self is the only way... Girls who dismiss you right way are likely so used to fakes, players, etc hiting on them they just have a defense mechanism up, if its meant to be a girl will get past that stage, keep being yourself until the one that isn't going to diss you finally sees the real you, I don't know any tactics that ever work, a recipe for disaster to try be something your not.

    • I despise players and such for various reasons I won't go into here, but I also don't understand how girls can fall for his obvious bull-$#!t, but that's a whole other topic.

    • That's a pretty dumb notion. Would you tell someone who want's to be a doctor to just go out and be himself?!? The person would probably kill someone! People need the proper training and picking up women is no different.

  • DONT USE TOOLS - JUST BE YOURSELF ANYTHING FAKE AND UN-NATURAL OR REHERSED IS SO NOT ATTRACTIVE! :) How about instead work on things in your life that make you happy, unique, stand out, then have conversations with girls about your great life and your true self -thats it easy!

    • If it was that easy, I would have gotten laid more than 0 times in HS. NEVER tell a guy to 'be himself'. He HAS BEEN himself and it hasn't been working, so telling a guy that will only frustrate him.

    • I het the don't be fake thing, but girls also tend to be quick to dismiss a guy without giving the guy a reasonable amount of time to reveal who he is and his real motives. He's putting himself on the proverbial chopping block. They should give a guy a little more time to reveal himself and his intentions. Sometimes, it almost looks like girls take joy in shooting guys down. That's just cruel. How would you like it if things were reversed?

    • Well the number one reason is because you have sex, which is awesome and it gets rid of a lot of power women have over guys, so once you know you can go out and get laid any time you want too you don't have that animalistic desire anymore and CAN be yourself around women

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  • Is this a pick up system? I'm pretty much at very early stages of needing to work on inner game and opening and attracting. Any suggestions?

    • Yeah, that's what I was asking about.

    • Sure, I'll add to the thread below and you can ask questions in this thread.

  • I don't like Vin DiCarlo's advice, so I wouldn't suggest that one.

    • Is there any resource that you would suggest for improving ones social dating skills?

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    • I could pretty much use help in any area.

    • There is SO much material in the field of PU. The vast majority of these guys are marketeers and just into making $. The oldest stuff - Mystery Method, LoveSystems, Neil Strauss, Ross Jeffries, etc is pretty formulatic, which makes it difficult to use in a real life environment. Then there's the RSA Social Dynamics school of thought - basically all inner game, but the material borrows very much from Eckhart Tolle and his book "The Power Of Now" which is infinitely less expensive. Continued-

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