I accidentally sent texts to my boyfriend about HIM meant for my brother. What do I do?

So, I have been posting about b.s. that is happening recently in my relationship. I was so mad today at my boyfriend that I started to text my brother and ask him what he thought. My brother is right next to my boyfriend on my phone and after three full on ranting texts to my brother I saw they were going to my boyfriend!

He hasn't replied to me. This was over an hour ago. Earlier we had a fight. He is not being kind to me at all. He hung up on me and then ignored me and then when he did talk to me he was dismissive and admitted that too. I am about to break up with him and wanted to talk to my brother about this.

During our argument my boyfriend (probably lied) said his battery was dying and he had to go. I think he is out with someone else right now (long story on other posts).

ANy way, I screwed up! Once I saw what I was doing, I sent another text saying, "just kidding, I was starting to play a joke on you to see what you would do, but then I changed my mind because it wasn't nice." UGH - how lame of me! I do play jokes on him a lot, so it sound sort of feasible. Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Any way, so I just complained about everything to my brother (but it went to my boyfriend). I said I was really confused about things because had he not invited me to meet his family for Thanksgiving, I might think he was just using me. UGH...! It is the truth and he knows that I feel this way because I already told him, but I added some things I hadn't fully expressed. I did not say bad things though. The thing that sucks is that he hasn't replied. So, I am sure he is with someone else.
Things started out good. I let my wall down & we had sex (after 3months of dates). He started picking fights with me.This is when I started getting a bad feeling in my stomach about things. On our first fight he yelled at me & said all we do is fight (huh?). It was over me liking a different kind of pizza! After 3 weeks of this behavior we finally talked. It seemed like we worked it out. He introduced me to his friends, told me he loved me, then I find his profile (delete) &he wants alone time.


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  • He's not serious about you. So why are you still wasting time on him? It's clear he's just not that into you. He only makes time to see you once a week? He won't introduce you to his family, he spends 99% of time with his friends and doesn't invite you out with them. It's very clear you're nothing but a convenience to him. He sees you whenever he feels like it. He doesn't particularly care about your feelings or that you're upset with the situation. If he cared, he'd change it. He hasn't. And he has no reason to. You stay with him. You whine, and cry, and get angry, and nag, and then... you stay. And you just continue seeing him and running to him every Saturday. He knows he has you where he wants. He has full control of you. You need to just cut him loose and start living life for you. Stop running when he wants to see you. HE should be chasing YOU not the other way around. Go out with your friends, stop complaining about what he does or doesn't do. Act indifferent, and aloof. Start blowing HIM off. Stop picking up when HE calls. If he asks you to hang out on Saturday, say no. Men are affected by actions, not by words. Your complaints are falling on deaf ears. Once you start taking action and start standing up for yourself is when he'll start taking notice.

    • He chased me in the beginning, I never called except to reply to his invitation for a date, I did not accept unless it was 3 days in advance (he told me he thought it was weird I made him chase me), didn't have sex until we were exclusive at 3 months, invited me to meet his family for Thanksgiving, met his friends last wknd (finally) when he told me he loved me. I found out he has an active online dating profile (he deleted & claims it means nothing)! Yes, he has been very rude to me lately.

    • Yeah, I'm sorry but his actions do not reflect a man in love. He thinks it was "weird" he had to chase you. Guys who really want a girl WILL chase them and LOVE the chase. Guys looking for a serious girlfriend don't want the girl to put out immediately. Those are not girls they will bring home to their family. He didn't want to chase you. He doesn't really make time for you. I have to agree with the guys above, he views you as a lay. Not as a respected, loved girlfriend.

    • For the most part I get it. The things that really confused me are that I did wait for 3 months (we knew each other for 6months) before having sex with him & he did introduce me to his family. I let him take the lead each step of the way & I kept things slow. It seemed like he was very into me. Something happened. I don't know what, but he just did a 180 over the last few weeks. It is true though that he did not invite me to meet his friends until last weekend & he was on a dating website! UGH!

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  • well what exactly did you say?

    he knows it wasn't a joke. don't expect that to work.

    • I said the truth. He keeps saying he wants to spend more time with me, but never actually does it (only 1x week on Saturday). He is on a 2 week break & I asked him to do something for the first time me asking. He said he was doing nothing and wanted to spend the day to himself. He also is always out with this friends almost every night of the week (then with me Saturday nights). I also just found out he had an online dating profile. He deleted it and said I was making a big deal out of nothing!

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    • Please, do not listen to his words. WATCH his actions. His actions do not say "marriage and dad" in two years. Please read: Why Men Marry B*tches. Guys confess in this book that they will lie and say ANYTHING to a woman to keep getting her to put out. He may toss out the occasional line, saying things like.. "I see marriage one day." Just to toss bones at you to keep you there. His actions do not reflect his words at all. Be extremely wary.

    • Yes. You are right. After about three months, his actions started falling very short of his words. I am at a point where I am accepting this. When I first started noticing it, I started coming up w/possible reasons for his behavior (justifying). I am just shocked I guess. We worked together, then dated & right after we became exclusive is when he started acting very different. I thought I knew him & I can't believe he just wouldn't be open & honest. So many times I expressed how this is best.

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  • I would just tell him that you needed someone to vent to, and you are sorry it went to his phone.

    I am SURE he does the same to his friends and etc.

    He will get over it. For now, I would either send him a text admitting it..or wait until he contacts you and then admit it.

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