Why did my roommate's boyfriend at the time text me, and continue to do so after they broke up?

1. Never gave him my phone number

2. My roommate didn't know until I presented her with the first text.

3. Only talked to him about general things, never thought I led him on

So, basically I had a random text from my roommate's boyfriend saying hi what's up. Which I promptly showed my roommate. She ended up texting him wondering why he was texting me, and that I never gave him my number. So, the next day he basically made me feel bad saying 'I thought you liked talking to me too, but I guess I was wrong.' My roommate told me to not to text him, (which I never started any conversations) so I ended up saying hey don't text me because it's awkward. They eventually broke up, and one day my roommate was telling me he was giving her mixed signals. The very night he texts me saying he was attracted to me, etc. I showed my roommate because I told her I would. Then, he tried to say sorry, and get back with my roommate who told him to get lost. He seemed like a generally all around nice guy, so what gives? Why text me in the first place, and then text me again when he knows I told her the first time around. Then why try to get with her after I basically said Um dude not interested, and her telling him that she knew what he texted me?


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  • He like you

    he tink you hot


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