What was your worst date ever?

Men and women can answer.


Went on a blind date with a girl that pretty much turned me off on every level. To make matters worse, her ex showed up, and tried to get into it with me in front of the whole restaurant. You could say it was an awkward car ride home...


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  • First date with a guy I had been flirting with for 2 weeks... went to a pub to watch a game eat and drink a little.. little did I know that the butterflies were actually a stomach virus, so 2 hours into our date, I told him I needed to go home and threw up all over his newly restored car.. never heard from him again..

  • Ouch. That bites. My horror story is that he asked me on the first date what my body fat percentage was. First of all, he was a scrawny little monster. Secondly, I'm a competing triathlete. I just happen to be busty and have an ass.

    So yeah. No second date.


    Little creeper.


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