Should I call him, or wait/give up on him calling me?

So I started seeing this guy a month ago, we met through a mutual friend. when I met him he had just found out his girl friend of 2yrs. Had been cheating on him for the second time with her ex boyfriend and broken up with her but since its been nothing but drama.So a few days ago he " canceled" a date or stood me up with an explanation and I got emotional and angry so I cried a little and yelled at him telling him I was done with him then saying I would deal with him when I wasn't so pissed off and now I.m asha,ed of the way I acted and think he must think I'm crazy...since he has not called me back. I wish I could explain that a lot of factors besides the date escalated to this put burst like the fact that she's one of his room mates and I'm not comfortable with that, She threatened me, he texts me allot but barely calls, and claims he is busy allot and has to reschedule dates , not to mention my ex treated me badly I have trust issues and my female friends were making me feel that he was being sneaky ext... So should I call him and explain my self or should I wait for him to call or would he have already called if he really cared?


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  • I feel -work on your trust and guy issues before going into another rship! You need to love and respect yourself and build trust and high self esteem before you will attract better quality things! SELF LOVE IS IMPORTANT - so many people jump into new things and take all there old issues and baggage into the next thing.

    Also he is definitely not ready - you don't want to get involved in someone elses dramas! Plus he stood you up from the get - go , if he doesn't respect you now he likey never will, you can't change someone, how they treat you from the start it is a reflection of your future!

    Why do somany girls let guys treat them that way and make excuses for them and still like him, yuck this sito makes me want to run from the sounds of him not follow him!


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  • OK 1. If your having trust issues you should not get serious with anyone. Period. You have to work out your own issues before you put the next guy ( who by the way could be the right guy for you) through hell..

    ... 2. If he has cancelled more than one date.. let him go.. refer to number 1.

    3. If he is living with ex girlfriend refer to 1&2.

  • you did say that *you* were going to deal with him when you weren't so angry... he's probably waiting for you to contact him.

    god, "allot"? really?

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