Is this gonna be a date?

My crush asked me out last weekend and I declined without arranging something else. Well we were messaging a bit this week and I decided to se if he wants to get drinks soon..

Me: we should get drinks soon!

Him: I agree, maybe this weekend?

Me: Sunday?

Me: wait, Xmas is on Sunday, Friday?

Him: I'm catching up with a buddy only Friday, but Sunday night works for me?

Me: yeah Sunday night is fine with me

Ok that was yesterday and I haven't heard from him? What now?


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  • Why would you cancel without arranging something else if you have a crush on the guy?


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  • He asked you out and you denied him? Now you ask him out and think it will be a date?

    He probably thinks it will be just as friends. You should try to flirt with him if you want it to be a date. If you don't want it to be a date, just don't flirt with him - he probably thinks it was a lost cause.

  • Where are you gonna get drinks on Xmas day night.


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