First Date Expectations?

I have a very good question

How much stock should be put on the 1st date?

Because let's face it's natrual to be nervous on the 1st date.

With that in mind is the 1st date really important


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  • of course the first date is important. it's like a first impression, if you start out on a good note that's the memory you have of that person. but the date doesn't have to be ultra expensive. you can make a girl dinner, take her to the movies, or if you want spend a little more and take her to a restaurant. as long as you treat her well the girl won't care the quantity you spent on it, but the quality time you spent together and whether you really clicked or not.


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  • there should not be much expectations.


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  • First date is extremely important because if you screw up the first one there really isn't a chance at anymore. I wouldn't freak out about the first date though. If you can't be yourself then it isn't a date you should be on. First dates are usually just feelers used to gauge on how well the two of you connect and to see if there is opportunity for you to connect on higher levels.

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