What can I do to make him understand what he did was wrong?

OK, so me and my boyfriend have been dating for 5 months...And he has some major trust issues -___- which I hear is normal for a guy, but he told me he was going to TRY <--- KEY WORD and the other day I had went to one of my home girls house and I had called him letting him know I just got there, then he tells me "I don't feel comfortable with you begin there..." WHOA WHOA ! Hold up ?! So we got in an argument and we haven't talked since yesterday...He told me he was MAD because I didn't text him back when I was with my friend ? I told him even before I left that I'll just text you if were going to go out that's it -__- he wants to put words in my mouth and say I said I was going to text him the whole day and then he called me a liar pft...Not cool, anyways I told him he was a liar himself and that he needs to stop thinking he's the BOSS and I'm his dog cause that's not happening. I told him too bad if he doesn't like it that's MY friend and I'm not going to keep myself locked up in my room and not do anything because you feel uncomfortable...Oh yeah and he hasn't even met my friends and he's already judging her because she's party animal like me. But during the argument yesterday he wants to bring the past back up on me which we agreed to START OFF FRESH and I blew up on him because I have every right too I know its not going to be easy but if he's always going to bring that up in every argument (which he does) he's not trying...He even said yesterday "ugh I can't do this blah blah blah" and I asked him "then why are you with me then?' and of course no answer back...So what does that mean? , now I have no intentions on talking to him because the night when everything happened I tried to call him and he didn't want to pick up the phone NOTE I called him 50 times to talk it out but no he was begin immature...He always thinks he right and I always tell him he not ALL THE TIME and never apologizes for begin an a**hole and hurting my feelings...Its like everything I did wrong to him I need to apologize ugh no...So what can I do to make him understand what he did was wrong...


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  • Look he isn't trying to control you first of all. He is incredibly insecure with women to the point where he thinks you will cheat on him (even if you won't). He just wants to make sure you aren't with a guy probably because he has been hurt like that before. You should sit down and talk to him about this and see what he says and if he has no will to change then move on.

    Regardless of that, if he is an immature bitch about talking to you then its a good thing its over. Time to move on and find a more mature guy with less or confront able trust issues

    • when we do sit down and talk about it it sticks to his head for a while and he totally forgets -.-

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  • U need to move on bcux he's an ass

    plus who told yu tht men act like tht babe you are ill informed if a man really loves you he won't ever do suxh sh*t yes he would insecure bt the reasons would be dfferent like year safty or health

    • umm I'm not understanding what your saying ?

    • Break up (leave) your current boyfriend he is not a good person and would destroy your life

  • yeah that's life. he won't change, ull have to either live with him and his attutide or without him :P


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  • Hun, you're better off without him.

    I'd see calling him when you got to your friends house and letting him know if you guys went out a little obsessive. But he gets that annoyed when you're with your friends..?

    It might just be that at the moment, but I can imagine it getting worse. He'll want to control everything if you let him get away with a little.

    Welldone to you for standing up to him, that takes a lot of guts.

    If I were you, I'd explain you need him to trust you. You need time for yourself and to spend with your friends. If he doesn't like it it's tough because you're not his slave and he can't control you.

    And then walk away and find the guy you deserve (=

    • Thanks That Help's A Lot !

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    • Haha, I'm exactly the same with my best mate. I mean we've shared a bed and stuff when we've been out and it's easier, but in the same way as I would with one of my girlfriends.

      Actually "doing anything" with him though.. Eww, no way xD

      For some reason though there are idiot boyfriends though who have issues accepting these facts!

      It's your life and you can do whatever the heck you want with it!

    • exactly a lot of people don't understand what place I am with him because they never been in this kind of situation before, so having someone (like you) understand bring weights off my shoulders ! :3