A girl initiates a conversation first?

Ive been talking to one girl for a few months. Then seeing that she is not interested I've stopped. We haven't talked to each other for 3 weeks. 4 days ago she texted me. I haven't replied 'cause I was traveling and left my phone at home.

Should I text her back or ignore?

When I text her back should I reply to her text or just ignore it and text something else?


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  • It would be nice to text her back, just say something like: hey, sorry I missed your text, how are u?

    • Does her text to me mean anythin or she just texted to keep me within her reach? lol

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    • I learn something new everyday :) Well if she wants to talk she'll text me again... if not, no problem.

      I am not a cute puppet nor a toy which can be played with and forgotten :)

    • Indeed you're not. But if you fancy her, just initiate contact too :)

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  • id say to respond back but just keep it casual like "hey what's up" and like CrystalMinds said maybe mentioned the reason that you didn't answer her first text

    • well since so many days has past isn't it better to ignore that text and respond with something new?

  • I am the EXPERT

    You want to know what you should do

    She is looking for a friend

    However if she went through a break up recently she wanted you now you have lost your shot if you are going to text her back because you like her as a friend then text her back explaining why you took so long and reply to her text whatever it was about and you'll just be getting a frined out of the deal


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  • Can you initiate a conversation second?

    • Hey smart boy would you like me to reply to you in French, Italian, Romanian or Russian?

    • What are you talking about?