Guys, do you visit your friends late at night?

I was dating a guy who used to visit his friend (who's a guy) every single night after work and he would be at his house from 10 at night to around 3am, sometimes 5am. I found it to be weird and didn't believe him at first but he ALWAYS talked about this friend constantly so I figured there was some truth to it. He was 30!

Now I'm dating someone and he doesn't do it every night, but every now and then he tells me he's going to his guy friend's house also. It's always around the same time, 11pm. And when he goes, he never calls me back I assume because he gets in super late. He is 28. I find it strange to be hanging out so late with guy friends. Guys, do you all really and truly do this or are these men full of it?

And when I say "hanging out" I mean they just hang out at the house, not going anywhere or to any bars.


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  • Best friends from birth? Could be he enjoys his friends company and goes.. But I don't think it's good if he's spending more time with his friend than you.


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  • All the time = drugs or a serious addiction to video games, is what I assume...

    Now and then is pretty normal. Hell, I stay out with my gals that late from time to time, just drinking and bullsh*tting. It's easier to let loose with your pals than with your significant other.