Is he really into me or am I just a rebound?

I've been getting to know this guy for more than a month now. He even text me everyday and start early in the morning like 7 am. In our last conversation, I asked him if he's ever been married and if he has kids. He said yes he's been married (he's only 25 now) and no kids. I then asked him if he's still in love with her and without hesitation he answered 'Of course, she was my 1st love'. I told him he should not be asking me or someone to date unless his heart is fixed or healed up. I told him it's nice meeting him and goodbye. He's been telling me not to go, that he already knew that things won't work out anymore (they've only separated for 6 months). He also told me that he likes me a lot and would really like to date me. The next day he texted me like 6 am then he still hasn't stop texting me but never called me yet. I think he's just looking for someone for rebound. He's still texting...


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  • it sounds like you're in that really awkward middle bit - not a proper rebound (I mean, not a one night stand within the first few days of a break up) but still the first girl he'll have dated since. he'll have emotional baggage so things might take longer than otherwise, so only you can call it. if you think he's still in love with her and wants her back, then delete his number. but if you think he's ready to move on he's just struggling to and that he wants you, then call him. I guess it depends whether he's worth the risk and if he is, whether you're happy to date a guy who's been so serious with someone else. I mean, that history won't disappear. not an easy one, actually. good luck


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