Should I move on or let him show me he's being honest?

I met this guy last month and we have been to 3 dates and it was going very well even though I was aware I was dealing with someone that's a handful. But at the end of the 3rd date I texted him some spa's address while we were on a date. We were sitting on the bar stools so we were so close I could see his phone screen perfectly fine. So when he opened up my text I saw he saved me as Kenny BK. My name starts with a K and I'm from Brooklyn NY a.k.a BK. So I was like wow one thing I'm sure about is that my name is definitely not Kenny. Then he tried to come up with some stupid explanation which didntt phase me. I excused myself to go to the ladies' room while he was taking care of the check and I came back put on my jacket and we left the bar. Then he made sure I got in a cab and gave me a peck on the cheek saying ''it was nice seeing you.'' I said nothing and got in the cab. He texted me 5 minutes later that he feels bad it ended this way and that he is single but not totally unattached. He also texted he needs another chance to prove that he is single. The text also read he didn't know he would like me and he doesn't want to stop speaking to me. I said I thought I was speaking to a single man the whole time and finding out otherwise was upsetting but that's cool in between his texts. Should I give him another chance to ''prove his case'' or just move on? He saw me once for dinner then asked me out for lunch the next day and we were just supposed to have lunch but ended up at the happy hour spot when he was supposed to go back to his company. Anyways do you think he geniunely likes me? and should I move on?


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  • 1- he doesn't genuinely like you because he is putting you on 2nd plan... I would say he likes you if you were on his first plan. I think you should "move on", but that's easier said than done right? Because I've said that more than 100 times, but have only done it once... hehehe

    You could stay with him longer, but if you do you might be putting yourself in the risk of falling even more for him. Or you could keep your options opened meaning? Having other dinners with other guys, and having fun with your friends, don't put him on first plan when your in second to him... Meaning never reschedule things you have to do to be with him only do that when he accepts you as his one and only girlfriend. If you have any question abougt what I said write a comment I will reply. XOXO

    • well he said he had been with her for a year until recently then he met me and he really liked me all this time.. texting and dating etc. I think he's involved with someone though..oh by the way I AM dating another guy too lol

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    • I haven't been dating him for 3 months. I met him a month ago and we have gone on 3 dates and never had sex

    • ok.. then let it slide... and go with the flow, but don't have sex with him during some time... don't be easy please! But kiss him heheheh.

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  • He may genuinely like you, it wouldn't be completely out of the loop to give him another chance. If you think this would affect your ability to trust him, persay the two of you end up in a relationship, it's going to cause problems.

  • He likes you but he is also involved with someone else he has not yet let go of fully something is keepin him with her. So he is kind of torn between yall 2. Go with your instincts. You don't want to share him right? And you don't want to be a rebound so For you to not get hurt any further, move on. I know you like him and he is sayin this and that but at the end of the day, he is with whoever she is and he is tryin to have his cake and eat it too. So Do what you got to do For you right now.

    • yeah the fact that he has started seeing me while being ''somehow attached'' or ''single but not completely unattached'' shows me his true colors.. smh guys do that all the time

    • yeah they want it all

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