Guys - your take on girls IMing/texting you first?

So I have this crush. and I feel like to get a conversation on IM/text going I need to start it lately. its kinda weird, because in person he starts conversations with me and he's super nice in IM/text after I start the conversation, yet I don't wanna pester him.

Should I IM/text him first when I wanna talk, start a certain percent of the time or simply wait for him to talk to me? me and him both have a lot of the opposite gender after us - were both nice and goodlooking if that matters.

  • IM/text him first as much as you want.
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  • Start half or less IMs/texts.
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  • Just wait for him to IM/text. He'll start it if he wants to talk.
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  • If a girl starts a conversation over Facebook or texts me first I like it because that shows that she's interested in talking to me which makes me really consider her above other girls when it comes to picking out someone to date. It makes my decision easier if I know that the girl has interest in me already and from the sound of things he starts conversations with you in person a lot which shows that he has interest in you, so by all means text away :)

    • even if she ALWAYS starts it...? I want my crush to IM me first so I know he wants to talk to me, anyway to get him to do so? or will he jsut now assume I'll IM if I wanna talk because I've been starting them?

    • generally if a girl starts the conversation with me a few times a week, I'll get to the point where I'll start texting her first cause I know she enjoys talking to me

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  • If you contact him first, it puts him more at ease because it shows you still want to talk to him even when you two are apart. Some guys may even get suspicious about it, so you really have nothing to lose from contacting him first.

  • I love it.

    • reallly? but if you like a girl you'd IM her first though wouldn't you if she was on Facebook chat too?

    • Only if I thought she would respond. I would appreciate it though if she IM'd me first.

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