What are the best questions a woman should ask a man when getting to know him on a serious level?

We have gone through the typical dating question and now we talk on a more serious level. Were still trying to get to know each other but I am drawing a blank on what to ask. Guys or girl(but more guys) what would you want someone to ask you if you were finding a real connection with them or what would you ask them? We are both 30 so I'm looking for mature questions please.


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  • You want to ask him about his relationship with his family, especially his mom. Ask about his religion or if he has one. Ask him about his professional and personal goals. Personally I like to discuss politics and sports with women, ask him about his favorite sports team, and his political views on abortion, the death penalty, government housing and funding to the less fortunate, to get a better understanding of his mentality.


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  • Any sort of question that goes through your mind that will let you understand that person better.

    What do you do for living?

    What are your passions?

    What do you think about...?

    How do you perceive...?

    Whatever goes through your mind :)