Is it going too fast or is he scared?

So my guy friend of a few months asked me on a date last week. We had a great first date. we went thrift store shopping, then to an Italian restaurant and then we watched a movie and listened to music at my house while my parents were gone. we cuddled and kissed that night which was amazing. 2 days after I picked him up at his mom's (he doesn't have a car) and hung out at his dad's house for a little while. we made out for 20 minutes before I had to go home. the next day he texted me saying that he thought we were going too fast and that he thinks it will end badly. I see no problems with us but today he told me that he doesn't know if he wants to go on another date. we've only been dating for 5 days! how could we be going too fast when we Haven't even done anything super personal. He said that it went really fast with a girl he dated and it ended up really bad. Could he have been really hurt by this girl and thinks I will do the same?

he also got mad at me for telling a few friends that we kissed on our first date. he thought I told a lot of people, but I only told 3. I don't know what to do or what's going on with him. please help me!


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  • YES you guys went to fast , we as a men HATE when girls tell to other friends about the kisses , date , restaurant don't do it . Offer an apology and talk to him not in a room or anything that will cause temptation get a place like a park or nice walking. After that hug him as a surprise telling him that YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE HIM believe me it will work . Love is based in thrust and truth in hope


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  • There could be a number of reasons..

    Honestly from what your saying I don't consider that too be moving "too fast".. you've both hung-out, went on a few dates and kissed.. I understand why your feeling this way.. what's his problem, right..

    I'd just assume he's a little shy and was hurt before so he's a little reluctant to start another relationship up.. try to reassure him you have feelings, wouldn't do anything to hurt him and you'll be honest.

    sounds like he has some trust issues aswell

    It isn't your place to try to fix him, he'll know when he's ready to date again. best of luck.

    • Its a play to get you to move on him more he want s to know that you are willing to go further with out it looking or feeling like it was his ideal. YOU need to make sure that YOU like him and then start to tease him. You know some kissing and maybe the look or a tit flash ( maybe just a bra less tee shirt) And then send him home do not let him touch just see. This will make him think real hard if he wants to move forward or not. You can do it just be strong. Men like to know you like them but

    • I wouldn't suggest that at all..

      Typical men.. she does NOT need to entice him with sex to make him interested.. if that's the case he isn't worth a second of her time.

      just what do you think your teaching young women, how silly.

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