I am still having boy trouble. What's wrong with me?

in the early years of high school I used to be extremely shy, and self conscious. I found it really difficult to talk to boys.. no one really seemed to like me, and the ones I thought I had a chance with ended up hurting me.

I have recently graduated high school & now have a much higher level of confidence, I don't find it hard to talk to anyone anymore, but am still having boy trouble.

I seem to get to a certain 'point' with all guys I have known, that I can't seem to get past. - multiple times I have felt 'head over heels' with boys... but as soon as there is any chance of a kiss, or relationship developing I instantly turn off of them.

it's like my brain switches off the 'attraction switch' and wants me to leave them alone.

this has happened multiple times, but why?


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  • I think this is happening to you because you are kind of holding back from the attraction out of fear of being disappointed by the guy. Its like you like the guy and then as soon as things get going you get turned off. So either you are afraid of being disappointed and hurt again or you may be confused about what you really want. Maybe you really don't want a boyfriend at the moment, maybe just a good friend that can maybe transition into a bf

  • dont ask why just get over it or get around it. try writing down what you like about a guy and when you doubt your feelings for him re-read the list. write down good memories, times he made you smile, stuff like that. just don't read it too often because itll start to lose its meaning to u. there should be so much more going on to the list than what you can take back from it.


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