What to do when all three of my friends sons like me and want to go out with me?

So a fam friend has three sons and they all like me and want to go out with me. their like triplets almost cause they look so alike only diff is age and one has a kid. My ex has kids and that's a plus for me so I kinda would rather date the older one with the kid just cause I want a child I'm just not ready to have any ov my own. Plus he's about to start his own business, and supports the kid on his own, and he's 27 which is 3years younger than my ex. And their other one I don't know about not sure. But the so called baby is 22 and he wants to go out. Only prob is that he still lives at him no job and not going to collage and doesn't want to go to collage or work he's I don't know but he is a swear heart. How do I chose one? and I don't know not sure what to do I mean I like all three and the parents love me and want me to go out with them lol.


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  • Okay first off, STOP comparing them to your ex. They are not your ex and honestly you really don't want them to be since it obviously didn't work out for a reason. Pick the one that you see a future with more and who will make you the happiest.