Girl wanted to play the Question Game...


-She always texts first

-Is quiet when she's around me

-Idk, I guess she likes me but whatever

Ask each other questions... we all know what it's leading to so I ask. Do you like Anyone? And she responds with a 'No I don't think so...'.

Does she not like me? Why play the Question Game in the first place lol? I am confused.


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  • She just seems pretty shy, give her time to open up to you.

    As for asking her if she likes anyone - I wouldn't take her response "No, I don't think so" as anything.. it isn't even a straight forward yes, or no. we have a way to beat around the bush when it comes to actually admitting feelings for someone - I'm more reserved/shy so I know how this goes we just don't like feeling vulnerable.

    She texts you first and is quiet when she's around you, I would say she's somewhat interested.. maybe let her know you have some feelings for her and see what happens.

  • I bet she is confused herself. :) She is trying to play hard to get.. That's how we do it, we say whatever on the phone but when we are with you we are completetely different you might probably like you, just take it slow an easy with her. :)


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