How to choose, how to act, with 3 different guy friends/potential boyfriends?

There's 3 different guys that I've met within the past month and at first I was only chatting to them and hanging out as friends, and being the really friendly person I am, and they've all grown on me. I like each one of them a lot, but I've been on a date (each) with two of them and the third has brought up the idea of going on a date. I don't want to get very far into multiple relationships at the same time, and then have to break it off with two of them. But I'm pretty close to and really like each of the 3 guys, and I don't want to break it off with some of them now when I still like them.

So how do I act around them? Or how do I choose?


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  • Bring out the old yellow legal pad and write down the pros and cons.


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