Why didn't he just say something?

I've been texting my guy friend a lot lately. We end up texting each other throughout the day sometimes. I always ask him if I'm bothering him and he says no. However, recently on my news feed on Facebook, I noticed he had a status complaining about people texting him. If I was bothering him, why didn't he just tell me?


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  • Hi! You may be internalizing the situation. Maybe he gets a lot of annoying texts from his guy friends or something. Or, it could be that he just doesn't like texting, and would rather talk on the phone. Lots of people (not just guys) are like that.

    Do you like him or is he a friend who just happens to be a guy?

    Bottom line, don't sweat it! :)

    Hope I helped you a little bit...


What Girls Said 1

  • He's not going to tell you flat out your bothering him. He's being courteous by replying. You should stop texting him and see if he reaches out to you.

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