How to catch up on all these years, man up & start flirting/initiating things with girls?

I have never chatted up or asked a girl out on a date - it's just something I haven't ever done. I feel I wouldn't know how to carry things once I started, for this reason I seldom get with girls. I guess I am lucky to have a bit of experience and have been in two - albeit short-lived - relationships with girls, both initiated by the girl, but outside of that I rarely have had much romance/sexual experience. Either due to my shyness or not acting when girls show signs of interest.

Anyway, how can I start changing this and start being more ACTIVE as opposed to my passive current mentality. What should I do to ease myself into the right mental state and start showing interest in girls? I am definitely straight, but often I come across as if I am not very keen on girls. Does anyone have any tips for me to start chatting up girls? and gain more confidence in that field?


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  • Start by saying hi to EVERYONE you pass on the sidewalk. Make eye contact just long enough to see the color of their eyes.

    Start conversations with everyone - not just chicks. I started a conversation yesterday at Starbucks with someone over their choice of Splenda in their coffee. No other reason than just to chat.

    Get used to making eye contact and smiling. You'll get pretty good just by the exercise I mentioned about seeing eye color of people on the street.

    These are all simple but extremely effective for increasing your social/interaction skills with others.

    When you're approaching chicks, expect a 10% success rate in getting a phone number. It's a numbers game.


    • read all of this link

    • thanks. good advice. I'm just about to read the article.

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