Best guy friend drunk calls/drunk texts me. Please help to understand?

It's not the first time my best guy friend calls me when drunk. He said he liked me (while sober) but has a lot going on (controlling parents and etc.). Sometimes being drunk, he says he missed me and needs me by his side, but the last time he asked to meet him as it is more romantic at night just the two of us and so on. I said no, so he kept asking to be by his side.. then he texted me that he was let down by me since he thought I was going to help him and how could I leave him just like that. I didn't text back. The day after this drunk call, I texted him to make sure he is OK and he texted back coldly "hey, I'm not bad, thanks." Was these calls just a booty call or was he saying what's on his mind (since alcohol lowers our inhibitions)? please help, Guys. Some friends of mine say that guys often drunk calls/ drunk texts that one special person.. I would appreciate all your answers :)


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  • Im sure someone will refute this but honestly, guys don't become good friends with someone if they wouldn't like something more than being simply friends to happen.

    He likes you, if you like him back, play along next time he drunk calls/texts you.

    • Thank you :) I did, but I couldn't have been with him at the time, so he got really pissed. but now he's just so cold. don't know why. Is he embarrassed or he doesn't want me to think that I'm more than a friend to him? 'cause we both said that we like each other, but he said he needs time to think, since he got a bad situation going on (university and controlling parents), but since then he called me and acted like only a friend since his last drunk call. Don't understand at all.. :/

    • Man period. Give it a day or two.

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  • people do stupid things when they are drunk don't think aything of it

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