Girls- Does having to wait 20 more days for a date make you more excited or more likely to lose anticipation?

I met a girl online, but be it that it's Christmas break, I'm home until January 10th when I go back to school with is 2 states away. I have my date planned with her on the 12th, so I'm not trying to bother her too much beforehand, but I feel I need to keep the momentum going. What do you guys think? Will she still be excited on the 12th?


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  • Normally, that would be too long of a waiting period. She would most likely assume you were not as interested as she had thought. If she knows you're out of state, that's a different story though. I would call her after new years just to say Happy New Year and confirm that she is still available on the 12th. This will let her know you are still thinking of her, get her thinking of you again, you'll know the date is still on and it's a very polite thing to do, with a few weeks in the middle there.


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