Stories and or advice for dating in your workplace?

share any stories and or advice about dating your workplace


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  • my advice to you is don't do it -_-

    when I tried flirting with a guy from my former workplace it went so wrong. there was nothing but gossip &since him and I werent official yet I would still flirt with customers from time to time and everyone started judging me.

    i also had a boyfriend who (before we started dating) flirted with a coworker. since she was friends with all the managers and employees he got so much crap from them when he &i got official.

    • what about if it is in a different department and you would rarely see the other person in your normal working hours. I met her through a company networking club.

    • my brother dated someone in a different department that he met through one of those network meeting and it went fine, I just wouldn't date inside of your department

    • that's good to know, I would not date someone from my department. But, my company is large and spread out. I work for the Airlines.

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  • I had a bad experience. I ended up telling my coworker that I loved him, he didn't reciprocate, and it was awkward for the rest of the year until I quit my job =_=

    • were you in a big company and would it make a difference if it is in a different department

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  • Yeah, don't do it. It's like taking a piss where you drink, metaphorically speaking.

    • even if it is in a different department, but same company

    • Yup. Word and everything else can still spread around in that little environment you call work.

  • You shouldn't do it. Not if you value your job.

    • what about if it is in a different department, but the same company

    • Google "regret dating someone at work".