I'm the "ugly friend" in my group, how do I cope?

Well, I am. All my friends are really pretty, but I'm not. And the things that make me the most insecure are the ones that I just can't fix naturally: I have thin, fine hair (so it looks pathetic) and small boobs (I feel they don't fit my frame). I'm not fat... so diet and exercise can only do so much.

My friends always get a lot of attention, and as a woman, I can't help but feel bad that I get none when I'm around them. I envy them, and I wish I was as hot as they are. I don't want to get new friends just because of this, because that also won't change the fact that I'm ugly.

How can I cope with this situation? I feel like giving up on guys altogether, because no matter how nice or cool I may be, looks do matter to a degree. My friends are also nice and cool, and they're pretty. And no, it's not that I have high expectations and that I expect to date hot guys "outside of my league" (leagues... that's such a stupid notion), even "ugly" guys pay more attention to them (it figures, they're prettier, why would the pay more attention to me?).

So, how can I cope?


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  • I know what you mean - All the girls that I know have bigger boobs than me so when I go shopping with them I get really insecure. LOL No boobs to show off. :P

    You have to learn to laugh at your flaws and be okay with it.

    Different things attract different guys.

  • Get a make over! It's really not that hard find a good salon where they can give you a good cut, lpadded bras work and just go all out on clothes