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What would you think if someone starts chat with u, and after you ask "whats up"or "how are u" he says, nm, I m bored. I want to start a convo with a girl, but I don't want to sound interested in her, and I think the "whatever" approach does some good :P yup its one of my few crushes xD and speaking to her in person would be hard unless in a bar since her friends hate me ^^ and probably want me expelled from university lol or at least 3 miles away.


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  • You don't want a girl you're interested in to think you're interested? So you want to get friend zoned?

    Talk to her how ever it feels right man! Whenever I get a random message asking how I am I always respond with something along the lines of "Im absolutely awesome! :)" then ill type a few lines talking about whatever the hell I'm doing, open up some conversation branches to jump start the interaction. Nobody wants to talk to someone who's always "nm jc-ing" sh*ts boring. I know if a girl started a conversation with me and and pulled that id find someone more gratifying to talk to.

    • yeah you never want to sound too interested, keep some mystery around you , make her wonder and keep her mind occupied with figuiring you out. but guess you are right with the boring part. :/

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  • Adore the evil smirk/smile and the username, and it has a bright red pop

    but if he said "I'm bored" I'd feel jaded but then shrug it off and ask "why"

    When I talk to someone though I like action/flare/sizzle or at least intrigue from him, and it may work if she sticks to you because you treat her like crap but most chick'll walk away

    but because she is one in a few I'd try it out and see how far that takes you

  • Just go with the "what's up" it's shows your curious but not so much


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  • Saying 'nm, I'm bored' isn't the 'whatever' approach, it just suggests you do nothing worth talking about. Don't try and act, man. Just talk to the damn girl, why is it such a big deal?