Just what is going on with this guy?

I met a guy 5 years ago through a mutual friend at a house gathering. Recently I after a year of not speaking (I had a relationship which made it difficult for me to be friends with him. Which I found out upset him more than I first thought) I held him to a promise he made when we first met, which was to go round and watch his favorite movie. He was almost in awe of the fact I was in his room and telling me he wished I didn' have to go home when the time came and that from the moment we met he knew I am 'the one'. We got very close and shared a few kisses and he introduced me to his parents.3 dáys went by and he ígnored my texts and so I just carried on as normal, untill he text asking if I wanted to go to the pub with him.

We went to the pub but an hour later said 'come on let's go back to mine' where his parents welcomed me, surprised to see me again so soon. He later kissed me at the bus stop after forcing himself to let me go home. Except this time he didn't ignore my messages.

2 days later I was walking through town with my headphones in in my own little world and he stopped me, upset I didn't notice him and we talked for a while and he was laughing saying his parents liked me and asked him if he was going to see me every time he went out the door. Then when I told him I'd be late home he kissed me again (breaking his no PDA rule) and thanked me for keeping him company. He spent the next 4 days talking to me, being very attentive then just disappeared during a conversation we were having!

What's going on lads?!?


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  • Hard to say. Not clear what's going on


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