To quote Al Pacino. "Rule number one. Do. Not. Get. Caught."

I'm still completely a novice at the dating game and was raised waaayyy tooo conservatively... so, I chased this girl I was smitten with, who somewhat liked me, but in the end, due to several stupid reasons, I had never really made a move. I had let her know I liked her and asked her out, we even went out a few times, but I treated her super respectfully and pretty close to a friend, lol. (pretty much didn't flirt at all, never even tried for a kiss) but then it ended badly with her rejecting me saying she only liked me as a friend (which I had basically asked for in retrospect), and a smart guy helped me see what I did wrong.

So next date, also cute girl though not as beautiful as the girl I never made a move on... I overcompensated. I flirted a ton, made passes, all that, pretty much a 180 of how I treated the previous girl. And it went well. We ended up at her house shooting pool in the basement late at night--then she started acting flirty and cute like the other girl had at a few points but I stupidly didn't act on--I went for the kiss. And kept going, which judging by the flush on her face and chest, and the writhing, she was enjoying. Then it went horribly bad. We're on the ground, she's naked and beautiful and... her frickin mom then decides to show up! Some moms are liberal and understanding I suppose... this mother was not, lol, and I am permanently banned from that house. (A wrecked first impression, I daresay.)

Thankfully the girl's forgiving enough that we're still going to hang out next week, haha.

So that's my mortifying lesson of the week. Overcompensating for mistakes will get you in trouble, lol, correct your blunders but don't go overboard with it. AND DON"T GET CAUGHT! Anyone have other lessons to share?


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  • Yeah: Don't try stuff like this in someone's parents house in the first place. Al Pacino would frown upon such stupidity.

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