He told me this... What could he possibly mean?

I'm not dumb I swear lol but I don't want to assume things. I was texting this guy that I really like last night (we kinda have a thing but we've never kissed before), and he asked me what I was doing and I said "laying in bed.. Without you :(" And he replied with "don't worry, we'll sleep together someday<3 and if you want I'll take good care of you on new years ;)" I invited him over along with a lot of other people for a new years party at my place and I thought it was kind of random, plus he's a virgin. I'm not sure if he's talking about sex or what he meant by that since it had nothing to do with it :P what do you guys think?


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  • the same thing happend te me now he's my boyfriend go for ih x


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  • I think he wants to sleep with you. Didn't you get the message?

    • Oh no I did, but I also highly doubt it/Im in denial considering he's like the most innocent guy I know..

    • Maybe he's made a NY resolution

    • Hahaha okay, well thank you. :)

  • "I'm not dumb I swear "

    Are you certain? You're definitely naive

    • I know you downvoted me, but come on - what do think he meant? Making fondue? Sewing a quilt?

    • No I didn't actually, but trust me I get what he said, I just can't really believe it because he's never gone further than making out with a girl :p

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