Can't tell if I'm wasting my time with him or not either way is it worth it?

I'm a freshman in college now and there was this I guy I been liking ever since my 1st semester. He is a freshman also basketball player and I remember dancing with him in our dance appre. class. After that he found me on face book and we started talking, we met up told each other how much we liked each other talked about our life and the fam at home and that since were both not ready for relationships will take it slow see whatever happens happens. and if we get in a relationship later on than OK that's good.

We had sex early to probably in a week with me first actually having a convo with him..I started getting doubts cause I never had sex with someone so quickly but he told me he still likes me and its not a problem if there is anytime I don't want to do it just let him know I started getting input from my friends who told me he just wanted sex and he is just using you and guys saying sometimes a guy doesn't care if you done it to fast

anyways with everyone's input I went crazy I sent him this crazy long like 5 pg text message and realized omg I wouldn't even read this and that was within to weeks we were talking that I sent this to him we stopped talking for about a week and I texted him and he told me it was OK just next time I ever have a problem I should talk to him about it and we met up and spent some time together

anyways after awhile I got more and more into my emotions cause my friends kept telling me a whole lot of stuff, anyways the last time I seen him face to face was the week before Thanksgiving break and we had sex before I left blah blah blah he told me he would miss me cause he wasn't going back to his state when I did come back for the break I would ask him to hang and this he would tell me he was busy and couldn't I knew who had bball practice but he can't play till next year and when I told him to come by sometimes he would leave a blank response

anyways after this he texted me and I told him why is he talking to me he barely texts and I dnt even see you around anymore and in class or public its like I have to say hey for you to say something back he got upset told me "YOUR NOT MY F*** girlfriend AND I don't HAVE TO text YOU EVERY DAY SO CALM DOWN YOUR ALWAYS ASKING IF SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH ME AND I'm FINE"

I went off and told him I dnt have time for games and much more

I said goodbye and he said bye to

We just started talking again I texted him and smh it was like a regular convo we used to have I asked him are we cool again and he said yea

but I don't know where this is going and I dnt know what to do or what I want also we never kissed before I mean it just never got to it and I believe he tried I would just move away from him My guy friend that's his friend told me we both probably wouldn't be talking to each other if we didn't still have feelings for one another cause we both done some crazy stuff

also another problemo when we did stop talking its like 3 of the bball players would look at me really mean and Ill be like wdf ?



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  • Nice essay.

    • yeah I was asking for advice the point of it smh

    • Hey everyone I know its long I just need help been thinking about this for a long time and I never been in this situation before

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  • It sounds as if you want a relationship with this guy, he said in the beginning that he wasn't ready for a relationship, you did too, did you change your mind? You said you don't have time for games, but there no games being played, you're not together yet. Am I wrong, did you all label your relationship? If not, and you are have feelings for this guy, and/or if you want a relationship with him, you need to let him know.

    • Well I dnt think I'm ready for a relationship cause I do need to focus on me first I really like him though I just got upset because he tells me he is busy and when I ask to come over he is busy but he is basically in his room doing nothing he tells me, I got upset because like he stopped talking to me like he used to and I haven't seen him since before Thanksgiving break and it was time to go home and I stopped going over there really late at night anyways

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  • youe in college what does it mean to waste time hanging out with someone. if you want to be around him, d. f you don't -dont. you're only wasting time if you do something you don't believe in doing.

    • Yeah I do like hanging with him and I know he likes me despite what my friends say or we still wouldn't be talking but maybe I'm just thinking to much

    • there is really nothing to think about. if you want to spend time with hum do. if you do not, dont. your friends are not the ones whose opinion matter. yours & his. that's it.