He wants to make it up to me?

So, long story short there was this guy and he had a girlfriend but still was interested in me. But him and the girlfriend broke up and I asked him out and he said he wasn't interested in dating again. I waited a few more weeks and asked him out again because you know? he said that he was interested in me and would date. Turns out that he liked another one of my friends for years. So left it alone and she turned him down again. My chance right? Wrong she I got pissed off and fussed him out and short version of madness he completely ignored me. Months later, I ran into him and he started talking again and I invited him to hang out and he said yeah. Now he's saying that he wants to make it up to me for what he did? does this mean he likes me now or what? Also what should I do?


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  • my honest opinion, I think he's just keepin you in his loop as a backup girl, and I don't think you wanna be that. if you asked him to go out with you and he ended up going with another girl, he probly doesn't want anything more than just to get with you. don't put up with that, there are plenty of guys out there that wouldve went out with you the first time you asked without all the drama and confusion he caused you.

    • Thanks that's what I thought. It's so annoying because I like him and I'm just hurt. He even said that he'll go on a light rail and ride three towns away just be with my friends and make it up to me.

    • Sorry you feel hurt! I know it sucks to want to give someone a chance but honestly, it would still be in the back of your mind if you did get with him and that would suck even worse, not knowing if he is just using you. Plenty of nice guys out there, go meet em!

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  • I don't it 's going to be anytime soon, I say he's not looking for anything serious at the moemtn and is actaully playing you.