Why do I never get a response from this guy?

I'll try to keep it simple. I'm just confused.

I dated this guy in college for about 6 months which was about 4 or 5 years ago but there was definitely something special about our relationship and every year he calls me randomly and sometimes we hang out once a year just as friends because we live in the same area.

He called me last week and we chatted for about an hour or two reminiscing about college and stuff and this past week he has called me almost every night between 12 and 3 am but I'm never awake to answer it because I work and stuff.

Why is he doing this now? Whenever I see his missed call I try to call him the next day but he barely ever responds and he's not drunk when he calls me and he wasn't drunk when we talked last week.

Why would he call me then not respond when I try to figure out why he called me?
also, I don't think it's a booty call because we live an hour away from each other


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  • Maybe he thinks about you more at night and isn't really in the mood to deal with it during the day. Even if you text him he doesn't respond the next day?

    • he does respond but its usually a lot later and he just doesn't seem interested

    • And he's not drinking? Seems kind of strange. It's hard to say why he's calling you but if you live an hour away it couldn't be a booty call. It would make more sense if he was drinking, but it's also possible that he just was thinking of you that night and felt like it was a good time to call. Then when you texted him back, he wasn't interested in talking. Still strange behavior to me.

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  • Hmm... Try calling him around that time, and see what happens. Better yet, set your ring tone extra loud and answer it.

    It's anyone's guess as to why his doing that. There are so many possible reasons for that behavior.

  • 12am - 3am?

    Maybe a booty call.

    • Update: 1 hour away? HAH! It doesn't matter. Might be for a booty call and sleepover.

  • sounds like he wants sex but I could be wrong.


What Girls Said 1

  • If he's doing it only at night, he could just be doing it out of the moment and becasue it's that late it make me think it's for one thing only.


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