How to make things less awkward?

I know this may sound crazy but I messed around with another guy from a different country. It's been a year nonstop talking through BBM almost everyday. He lives in Argentina and I live in the states. We used to always talk about everything and always include marriage in our conversation and tell each other sweet things. I would even tell him my problems and he was the only reason why I didn't mind being single. We would frequently webcam though and send pictures. My oldest sister decided to do an internship in Argentina during December. Because my oldest sister had a quincenera and the other went to Europe I wanted something different so I decided to visit South America for my birthday and use this opportunity to meet him. I eventually did and my sister went with me. We started holding hands and he would tell me sweet things and also dirty but he was always joking around. He took me and my sister out to eat and the next day he called to meet again. He came over my sister apartment and that's when it happened and we messed around. He later dropped me and my sister off to the hotel where my dad was and we didn't speak again the next day because I had no internet. Yesterday or the next day we talked for about 2 minutes and then we stopped. He was supposed to come over the apartment but he didn't call or answer. I became depressed and dirty because he was my first. I've never kissed anyone I'm only 15 and he was 23. I don't know how to feel like or do. We're talking but the conversation is only weird and not the same


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  • I`m sorry to say that, but I think he is not interested in you that much. Of course, you can try and ask him directly about the awkwardness, this should at least clear things up.

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