Guys, do you like texting?

The guy that I'm interested in will initiate conversations with me but sometimes, his responses are one worded. Examples include: yea, hahaha, lol, etc. He has asked me to hang out recently, but I haven't been able to due to my busy schedule.

Do you honestly like texting if you are trying to get to know a girl or do you prefer a face-face meet up?


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  • If he's initiating then it's obvious that he wants to talk to you.

    If he's being short, he could be shy (there's not enough hints about the situation)

    If he's asking you to hang out, he could be interested in you (enough hints to identify)

    With a guy like this, I'm certain that he just doesn't know what to say in response to everything. He's probably a little shy socially, give him the benefit of the doubt and do a bit of both.. Text him a little before meeting up and then socialize with him face-to-face.

    An alternative to being shy is that maybe he's extremely busy. There are so many assumptions the human mind can create for any given situation - but in almost all outcomes "YOU" are not going to be part of the problem. If he's shy, that just means he hasn't had the experience to learn as much as others have.. If he is busy, he's already making time to talk to you let alone invite you out... etc..

    It sounds to me like he's interested based off what you've included here. I hope it helps :)

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I would prefer meeting face to face. If he is giving one word responses like that, he may not want to be texting right then.

  • texting can be awesome, but they can also get you in a rut of having just a texting friend (and that's not what you want) I used to text because I was too coward to give her a call and feel like I was bothering her. also I suck at talking to girls and the awkward silence always takes over haha.

    all I can say is that if you turn him down enough times even if you truly are busy, he will start doubting that you want to hang out. so do yourself and him a favor and next time you have free time ask him to go out and do something. He shouldn't be the only one who tries to get yall together somehow.

  • Hate to text so much, I text a girl a few times and then I'm bored. You wanna talk come over or I'll go meet you

    • Even if you like her?

    • Yeah, I mean I know girls like to text a lot so maybe for a week or two I'll text her,but I really don't want to. I'd prefer just seeing her

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