How can I fix things with a guy?

I met this guy overseas (we are both teenagers and he's a few years older than me) and he was really nice. He's the type of guy who jokes around sarcastically to his siblings, but really cares for them and is really nice to me. He seemed to be extra nice to me, and I really liked him. When I got back home, we chatted online and somehow that day I wasn't feeling right, and our conversation was very dry and forced. he's the type of guy who wouldn't tell you even if he fancied you, and I'm worried that I kind of ruined any chances with him. I was kind of shy and laughed at all his jokes, but I also joked around and stuff. But when we were chatting it seemed so awkward and everything. What should I do to fix things with him or win him over?


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  • it hard to say but do you really want to start a long distance relationship with a guy who is overseas if your not going ot be visiting a lot etc


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