Is it OK to tell a girl that it kills you to see her with another guy?

Would this make the girl think your pathetic or would it be beneficial ?

Long story short, I really like this girl but she is kind of seeing a guy. She knows I have strong feelings for her but she wants me to go to the same place as here sometimes where I assume my

arch rival will be. Would it be appropriate to say that it hurts me too much to see her with another guy or should I just say nothing at all and don’t go ?


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  • To be honest.. if a guy said that to me I'd think it was a bit weird, say something like "I'd feel uncomfortable' or just say your busy! (in demand!) because 'kills you' even tho it is true is a bit needy and later on if you guys have a falling out she will flirt with other guys to make you jealous - its like giving her ammunition! If you do go, go with like 2 other friends so if she's all over him you can hang out with your mates, if not then you can hang out with her and your mates can hang out!

    • Thanks , ya "id feel uncomfortable" does sound much better. If I do decide to go that route.

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