Girls, how long are your texts generally, to guys you are interested in?

And how do you behave differently over text with guys who are just friends and guys you really like?

oh and bonus question: Do you mind if the guy types fairly long, occasionally, or is that a turn off(could be in a form of asking you a question or telling you a story)?


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  • It depends on the guy sometimes. If he is a really good guy friend that I talk to often, I'll send him like a 3-part text. But with guys I like it's normally just enough to show I'm interested but keeping it mysterious.

    Any length is fine, really. Just using 'K' or blathering on about nothing is really annoying though. If the guy is telling a truly interesting story then I wouldn't mind multiple long texts.


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  • They are the same length for everyone I text.

    • How long is that?

    • Well I don't do the whole text abriviation thing so my yexts never appear short and an average length response is 1 to 2 pages depending on what was asked or what the topic is about.

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