First date do nots and advice?

Assuming you don't know each other well. What are some dos and do nots for the first date?


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  • Ok, wow that's straight up. Now you know that this can differ by person some might get annoyed by somthing others might not but yeah whatever XD

    So, first off the most important rule in conversation this goes for both of you though not just you LISTEN! People never like it if they don't get a say or if its a one way street, if you catch my drift.

    Now your introducing yourself to the guy so be yourself don't try to be someone else in the long run that bites and don't try to change the other either.

    Your nervous that's OK he's probably too just not showing it, if you can that's always good to control you know.

    Lots of things I can't tell you cause I'm not there improvisation is needed its not like its scripted as I said be open to him and all that I'm telling you focus on that cause this goes forv the guy to I saw so many cases when the guy dosen't listen and just cause you like him dosen't mean he can disrespect you, you both are equal so be equal to each other.

    Try not to scare him off, don't pressure him as he shouldn't either this is a wide open space as I look at it your standing around a circle reresenting relationship that nght you don't have to get in there yet so you have free space and no limits yet. but be sure you decided well on the guy in the long run this could be good or bad


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  • No talking about exes


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  • Do something fun that you could also do as friends. I wouldn't recommend kissing or holding hands on the first date. Make it so you can talk and actually get to know one another :)

  • My blog should give you some handy first date tips, hope it helps x myflirtz . com

  • Just don't talk about marriage and babies!

  • Do:

    1. Look and smell nice.

    2. Have some topics to talk about prepared.

    3. Exercise or meditate to get your chill on beforehand.

    4. Leave your baggage at the door.

    5. Be interested, but don't interview. Be fun. It's a date, not the last job in town!

    6. Be open minded. Don't jump to conclusions.


    1. Play with your cell phone. At all.

    2. Be rude to anyone.

    3. Talk too much about yourself. It should be give and take.

    4. Try to predict the future -- enjoy getting to know someone.

    5. Get drunk.

    6. Get too sexual. You look desperate. Plus, chemistry doesn't mean you're a good match, just that you wanna bone this person who might be a terrrible boyfriend/girlfriend.

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