What do guys like in girls?

List anything.

Personality wise. Looks-wise. Whatever else you want to add in.


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  • I myself the first thing I look at in a girl (if I can) is there eyes, when I'm on a bus and she's getting off or whenever now the best part is the lightning strike, when the eyes meet that's magic.

    Yeah looks is one thing but that shouldn't define your attraction to the person in general that would be a pretty shallow relationship. Of course it counts yes but personality is what matters to me.

    Im looking for honest, clever, outgoing, creative, funny, confident is fine, shy well I can handle she develops confidence while in realtionship pure (No drugs, alcholoic, smoking, piercings or tattoos) I know that's a lot.

    Im still waiting for my girl the one. Not many think this way but I'm not the hey babe lets have a drink kinda guy I'm more like the take it slower I want somthing real kinda person. And that's what I expect to see I'm not saying never had a relationship that dosen't matter as long as she has what I'm looking for.

    Many people ask hair color I'm saying blond or brunnete dosen't matter I'll know when I know.

    The major thing is personality above all else honesty. But I feel when the right one comes along it'll just hit me without much thought.

    • What about ear piercings?

    • Everyone has their ears pierced, so I can't see how that'd be a big deal. He's talking like lots of piercings all over the place, like sort of emo girls

    • lol yeah sorry if I didn't elaborate ears pierced that's only natural yeah I did mean emo style :D

      Thats just a total turnoff for me

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  • For relationships...

    I usually go for girls who are cute (personality wise), kind, and down to earth.

    I also sometimes prefer girls who are a little shy though hopefully not too much around me or that could be bad :p

  • a cute smile

    a smart mind

    an outgoing, but not party crazy mindset

    and last but certainly not lease...

    a good ol' pair of...yea you know where I'm going, call me a pig, I don't care

  • 5'3-5'8 Height

    110-130 pounds

    Straight Hair - Any color



    Has a future - Career

    Likes/ doesn't mind- gaming/ anime

    Fit with a little bit of meat on her.

    Wants a family

    Family oriented

    Breaks the law at times

    No drugs/ Rarely drinks

  • I could've elaborated on the pierce thing yes. Pierced ears only natural but yes I mean emo style. Total Turnoff for me

  • helpa,you are a beautifull girl


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