When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Was it hard going through your teen years never being in a relationship? How did you cope? And was it worth the wait when you finally got a girlfriend/boyfriend?

p.s. I'm 19 = never been kissed and never had a boyfriend and sometimes it really gets me down...


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  • Didn't have a real girlfriend until about 19. Wasn't really that bad, I never had one so I didn't know what I was missing. Friends around me got together and always broke up two weeks later so it didn't seem that great. I fooled around with some girls from time to time. So I guess the most I ever wanted out of a relationship before was sex, until I actually got a girlfriend and found out it was deeper than that.

    Not being in a relationship is one thing but never having been kissed or even messing around with someone, I probably would have gone crazy. I didn't think my first kiss was special. It was just eh whatever. But now I kinda wished I had focused even less on having a girlfriend because I mean it's not like I was gonna end up with them anyway, it was high school. But I suggest you at least you know test the waters, fool around a bit, go on a couple dates. But it depends on how emotional you are, I was always pretty distant myself so I didn't affect me, but you should go slowly.

    • Ah I see. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the advice. :)

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  • Best tip ever, do something about it.

    Will it be difficult to get a boyfriend? Most likely, it'll take a few risks on your part and some effort.

    Will you feel good afterwards? Hell yes.

    • Thanks for the advice. I'll try. :)

  • I was 25. It happened after I finished my studies. Yes, it was hard, before, of course.

    Was it worth the wait : it really depends on who your boyfriend will be ;)

    • Ah. Thanks. ^_^. But when you got a girlfriend, did you look back on all the times you were sad about not having one and realize that all the worrying about it was silly and unnecessary? Or? I mean I guess it doesn't really matter since it is in the past and all that but I'm just curious. And if you don't mind me asking...how great did it feel to finally have a girlfriend? And I know it's probably different for everyone..but how does the whole "love" emotion feel? Just curious...

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    • This forever alone pic is more of a sarcasm regarding the site and all the drama ;)

      Well don't worry. If not tomorrow, maybe next month. But your guy will show up sooner or later.

      The more outgoing you'll be, the sooner. Happy new year and stuff :)

    • Oh yeah I know...those "troll" faces are all over Facebook..hahaha. lol..it's not the new year yet..haha..but thanks. likewise. and yeah I know...but I have been really wanting a boyfriend since my sophomore year of high school..and now I am a freshman in college. 4 years stressing over it feels like 10 years for some reason..ha ha.

  • 21 here and never had a girl, wish I did every year without a girl it seems the stronger this burning feeling inside me gets that I need a girl. I mean spending New Years Eve/Day without a significant other sucks among other things. Friends are great but a girl would make me complete.

    I cope by listening to music about girls (lol) sad sometimes uplifting tunes about girls, working out which makes me take my rage out, driving fast, etc.

    • Well it's nice to know that I am not alone in never having a significant other. ha ha. Yeah sometimes I can deal with it but other times it really sucks...I try to block it out of my mind or distract myself too. If you don't mind me asking why haven't you had a girlfriend yet? In my case: I don't know why...guys just have never asked me and I have never been comfortable enough with a guy enough to ask. I have guy friends but none are ever interested and all the crushes I have had in the...

    • ...past all turned out to be jerks. I don't understand it. *shrugs.* I try not to worry too much about it and realize that what are the possibilities of me being 50 and never being with anyone? Quite slim. So don't worry, you'll find someone some day too. :)

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