When is it appropriate to kiss a girl that I have just started dating?

As far as like 1st date, 2nd date or when. And what is a good idea for a first date?


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  • It really just depends on how much you both enjoy each other/how comfortable you feel. Personally, I think that kissing on the first date is fine --not like making out or anything, but a kiss/a bit of kissing is acceptable in my opinion. However it really just depends on how you feel afterwards, and how she feels too.

    First date ideas:

    - Dinner and a movie (classic)

    - Picnic in the park (romantic)

    - bowling/skating

    - invite her over to your place and make her dinner? (then maybe take her out for drinks or dancing)

    - meet at a coffee shop (and then go from there?)

    Hope some of these help! :)


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  • personally I'm a kiss on 1st date kind of girl but anytime after the 2nd date should be acceptable

  • theres no appropiate time .

    its when you feel its right

    my boyfriend kissed me the second day we started dtaing


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  • Kiss her on the first date at the right time, when you both are alone, say you go to dinner then go back to your house or her house, and watch a movie and while your watching a movie make your move. Don't ask her just kiss her it's very simple. I did an experiment with this once to see what would get a second date, and I found that if I kissed the girl on a first date then she answered her phone when I called and we went on a second date. The girl that I didn't kiss answered, but made up an excuse saying she was busy and then if I called her again she didn't answer so I said well that does it gotta kiss on the first date to get a second date.

  • First date, maybe. Second date, definitely.

    If you don't by the third, you never will. I wouldn't even schedule a fourth.

    • Lol so not true!

      you can hook up on the 3rd or the 4th or thr 5th

      depends how well you know each other, and some people like to take it slow

      and get to know each other!

    • I quit calling the handshakers back about ten years ago, after I discovered either:

      1. Ms. Handshake was marking time until the guy who was really interested made his move, or

      2. Ms. Handshake just couldn't form her mouth around the words "I made plans, sorry." (i.e., "I don't like you that way, sorry.")

      Fourth/fifth dates with women who don't hook up--and I've had too many, dozens--have been a waste.

      Every. Single Time.

  • like go for it dude girls expect you to try lol. seriously read her body language, that's how you'll know. whenever she starts looking at your mouth or anything, or tilts her head or looks like she's all in la la land looking at you lol. pay attention to the eyes. first date- hang out, do something fun and casual. don't be nervous.

  • do it when it's the right time.. when is the right time? hmm, crack a lame joke, wait until she is done laughing, look her in the eyes, and lay it on her!