When a boy/girl texts and hardly calls, does this make you feel unimportant/irritated/bothered?

It bothers me. It makes me feel like I'm not important or like a friend. I feel like it lacks intimacy which bothers me. Secondly she always takes like 15-20 min to text back

Ever been in a situation where you wish the girl/guy would just call you? How does this make you feel?

Are you a texter?


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  • Yes I am a texter. The guy I'm with, we text everyday. He called me once. I try to tell him that he can call me whenever, he hasn't called me yet! Yes it makes me feel like he's not interested and I understand thay the reason why he doesn't want to call me is because he wants to get to know me more. But still, I like to hear a person's voice.

    Sometimes he takes 15-20 min to reply to a text that I sent but he's busy (He's in the Airforce and is in training). But he always reply back to my text no matter what.

  • Yea! This guy & I have been texting for months now, and even if I initiate calling- NOTHING!

    It makes me feel like he's not interested (even though I learned that he's uncomfortable with talking on the phone with people he doesn't know that well) I am a texter but I like to hear a person's voice too.

    As for the 15-20 min to text back, well I think that's not a bad thing. I usually take even longer because sometimes when a person text me I'm really busy so maybe that's what's going on with her too.

    • Yeah I understand being busy.. but come on a everyday type thing? Lets say out of 3 days we text 20 times and 16 out of the 20 it takes 15-20 min to text back? That's a bit querrelsome I think

    • ppl always say I take a decade 2 text back. that's because I'm either @ work, doing school assignment's, hanging out with friends, txtn more than 1 person @ a time, etc so I think its possible 2 take a while 2 text back even if its pretty often. another reason is I don't keep my phone on me when I'm home. It can be upstairs & I'm downstairs. (its too distracting) so like I don't know those are my reasons, could be hers too. as 4 her not calling u, what if she's actually wondering

      "why don't he ever call me?"

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