How do you invite a guy to do something without it being taken as asking him out on a date?

How do you invite a guy to do something (like go to the movies, go play paintball, go out to eat, etc) without it being taken as asking the guy out for a date?

I have many guy friends I grew up with, so I never had that problem, but now that I am moving to a different city I realize that I really don’t know how to invite or talk to a guy without it seeming like I’m interested in a romantic kind of way. With my group of friends I just straight out ask them (“hey do you wannna’ go to the movies?” or “hey, let’s go to the beach today”) like I would ask any other person, but since we have known each other since we were young we just sort of grew to communicate like that without any hang-ups.


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  • Just ask him firmly without being embarrassed, just like you would ask your friends. If you go about it, being shy and trying to make it not sound like a date, he will think it is a date, so just go straight to him and ask.


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  • Just ask him if he wants to hangout, don't say going on a date.

    • that does seem like the most logical answer, I admit.

      But I?m just nervous because I don?t want to get into an awkward situation :/

      I don?t want to make any unnecessary mistakes or comments that would sound weird.

    • Take the risk, you just wanna hangout on your free time..your not getting married to him!