Which guy should I choose?

So I decided I would just go on dates with a guy I like before we actually commit to a relationship so that I make sure I don't waste each others time and ruin something that could be just a really great friendship. That being said I have two guys. (I started off only intentionally dating one)

The first guy is so sweet and so far we get along great. He's innocent and has only dated about two girls. With him I don't have to worry about him pushing limits in terms of sex. But I'm not sure if that makes it hard for us to get that chemical connection. Mentally, we get along splendidly.

The other guy I've dated once before, about 2 years ago. We were friends for 9 months and dated 3 months, he was too into his sport to have a girlfriend so we went on a break and never really established our feelings. We hung out today and went to the movies (his choice) I thought it was just two friends, but he paid for my ticket and during the movie he held my hand. We kissed and it felt just like it used to but somehow different, probably because we had both matured. I like him so much and never really got over him. He semi-cheated on me before and I've heard that he is a bit of a player. Since what happened today I haven't heard from him. So I'm not sure where we stand but I know I like him and I finally get that gitty feeling in my stomach that I haven't had in a very long time.

I don't know who to choose. I want a lasting relationship in the near future but I just can't decide who I have a better chance having that with. Please help.


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  • In my opinion once a cheater always a cheater. If you still want to get back with guy 2 after he "semi-cheated" on you that's fine but just know that he's prone to do that again. Also if he's got that player attitude he's even more prone to cheat.

    I'd say give guy 1 a chance. Since you rekindled that spark with guy 2 after such a long absence, I'm sure it could happen again. Guy 1 sounds like an all around good guy and the more likely guy for a lasting relationship

    • Yeah I know but doesn't it mean something that he owned up to it when I asked him about it? And also with his player attitude, when we dated before he respected me and never tried anything because he knew I didn't want to and all my friends were so surprised because he tries things with every other girl. I was the one different one.

      I know the first guy is an all around good guy, but without a chemical connection its very difficult to have a relationship because the intimacy isn't there.

    • If you trust him to not do anything than I think guy 2 would be fine, but personally I have a problem with the player attitude especially if it has gotten him in trouble in the past.

      I agree that you need that chemistry and intimacy to have a good relationship. If you don't think that can come from guy 1 maybe guy 2 would be worth it.

      But only if you trust guy 2. It sounds like you do, and you know him better than I do, so maybe guy 2 is the better choice.

    • lol you sound just as wishy washy about it as I do. But thanks for the advice :)

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  • Pick the sesitive guy. With little practice we turn into beasts in bed. Mental connection is far more important that physical, also going back to old relationships is almost everyrtime a bad idea.

    Your decision, tho.

  • chose me... I'm sexy & if we meet start dating and take thng to the next level I don't mind if you play lick or touch my balls


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