How do I start dating?

I am good looking, I get looks from men frequently but no one approaches me or talks to me. Why? How can I make a guy approach me? I have never dated before, I'm 20 and shy.


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  • Well, your shyness, not your attractiveness, is the reason you have not dated, probably. If you're not the kind of young woman that puts guys in the "friend zone" the best way to date would be to make yourself available for going out with others. I'm sure you have friends, so let them know you want to go out with them socially--once you turn 21 you can go out to the bar or to the club, if you wish, or you can go out to restaurants, or do whatever interests you (do you like plays, or sports, or roller coasters). By being friendly and sociable a guy would see you as available, since guys often mistake shyness for someone being proud and unavailable, and then it's only a matter of time before the guys who give you looks are offering to buy you a drink or giving you their phone numbers.

    • aw thanks, ill try that! :)

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  • Eye contact and smile

    • thank you sir I shall try that! :)

    • eye contact and smile ftw! this will deffo grab a guys attention!

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