He's a junior and I'm a freshman?

I'm a freshman in high school 14 and there's this random junior who knows me through some of the boys in my class who are my friends. I'm not a whore. But, he knows my name and he'll always be calling my name and the last time I saw him he said bye to me with a smile grin and a wave. God, I almost died. I really may start to like him but, I don't know if he's jut trying to mess with me. I've had very bad luck with guys. I was always the girl with unrequited love and it hurts a lot which is why I'm very paranoid about this. And I know I'm honestly not the prettiest and I'm packing a couple extra pounds that I'm not losing because of basketball but, I really want some advice. So, that way when school starts again I know how to handle things. Thanks!


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  • If he knows your name, HE probably asked about you so that's a good sign. Try and talk to him if the chance is presented. Just don't completely gush or anything. Just be friendly and chill about talking to him. Oh! Ask your friends about him. See what they say