This waiter guy...I want to kiss him already!

This guy went to yoga classes with me before, and then he quit. I quit a bit after that 'cause I had too much going on...

I went to this coffee shop and found out he's a waiter there!

I was kinda shocked, but very pleased! :D

He recognized me immediately, and we had a lot of eye contact, and whenever I come to that coffee shop he comes very quickly to me and always has the biggest smile on his face I'VE EVER SEEN! haha

My friends say they can't take it any more! xD

He always asks me first what I'd like to have, although he knows by heart what I like to drink. :) And he somehow seems to accidentally completely forget all about my friends sitting next to me! But always remembers to take their orders in the end. :)

Last tome, he teased me a bit which was pretty cute...and then on his break he sat opposite to me and looked at me A LOT!

He's perhaps 8-9 years older than me...

So, he leans a lot towards me when he takes my order, should I kiss him then next time he does that?

...I want to surprise him, but I don't want him to reject me...

What are the odds he'll like it and is it a good idea or not?!?




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  • im gonna be brutally honest here, even if its something you don't want to hear

    most employees, (not sure if you work/have worked) as a general rule, HAVE to be nice and put on a smile as much as possible. I know that I've fallen for that "nice/big smile" act that employees have to put on, and I got rejected only because she wasnt single

    my suggestion would be to not come in as often (absence makes the heart grow stronger) if he still remembers what you drink after a while, and he's flirting (as a guy, not an employee) then id say go for it, but be careful, he can also take it as sexual harrasment

    hope this helps

    • Yep, I know what you're saying.

      And I come there perhaps once a I don't think I'm that frequently seen by him.

      He smiled at me while we were in yoga together as well, which is why I don't think he smiles at me for just any reason...

      He even sat right next to me in those classes when the room was entirely empty and he could choose his spot... But he's shy like

      Maybe it's better if I just don't do anything....

    • Again, its up to you, but the best things in life I believe are the ones you take the biggest risks on, so yeah

  • yes yes yes yes yes but not on the lips you go girl you go wish more women would I think he like you alotttt Ray


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