Has anyone had good experiences with online dating or bad ones too?

I am shy and have asked questions about being shy lots of times. I have had some users say online dating would be good for me. I am scared about that so I want to know other peopls experiences to help ease me being scared. What sites are good free is best for me now.


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  • bad experiences. all bad ones. believe me I was desperate enough to try free ones and paid ones. I met a guy on a free site and he was flaky as hell. and the dude on the paid site was a lair. of course that can also be said of meeting people offline, but still. the chances you will meet a lair or a freak are so much higher because it's online. you cann be whoever you want to be even if it's not the real you.

    that said, I'm not saying don't try online dating, but please be super cautious and don't be disappointed if you get 0 results. that's pretty common


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