Cute things to say over txt?

I have been txting this guy for about four days and now we are running out of things to say. Do you know anything we could talk about to keep it interesting? We have already played the question game and are running out of questions. Do you know any cute, funny, or flirty things I could say?


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  • i usually talk to a girl about her interests. so if there's a girl that's really passionate about manga, that usually is the main body of our convo's. me personaly, I like guitar, so anything music related is good. have you asked him about his hobbies? family? plans for the weekend? where he see's himself in 5-10 years

    or just try talking to him about what your up to currently, and just go from there.

    conversation shouldn't be too awkward, or feel forced. so just talk about whatever is on your mind and it'll come naturally. hope this helps! =p


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  • I don't get to have too many text conversations, but you could talk about what bands you like, or what places you'd want to go with each other, or what your plans for the future are, or what movies you like to watch. Any one of those subjects, or others, could work. That could spark further conversations that would help keep the conversation interesting. The trick is to explore subjects deeper rather than cover everything shallowly.

  • well I talk to my frnd evryday , never out of things ...

    start off with hw s d day been ?

    n den ...bla bla:D


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